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Double Scorpio & Rush Poppers for sale online!

Direct from the manufacturer, Rush Poppers and fresh Double Scorpio Tape Cleaner. Your USA source authentic isobutyl nitrite poppers you can purchase online.

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Welcome to Gay Poppers

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TOP FAQ : Best Poppers

Top question : “When will you carry Keyhole Key Cleaner?”. has applied to Best Poppers to become a Key Cleaner retailer and hopes to sell KeyHole Key Cleaner, Best Deep and Lily Key Cleaners, but the timing is based on Best Solvent’s release schedule. Stay tuned, we know you want keyhole, and we’ll do everything we can!

Solvent Cleaner Poppers should only be used for cleaning. Don’t abuse them.

poppers and gas light scent

While the street slang may be poppers, NEVER misuse or inhale… Key Cleaner, Head Cleaner, Tape Cleaner all types of solvent cleaners are NOT for human use. Comments about effects, are intended to help alert consumers to the negative effects a spilled popper solvent bottle, or if a bottle broke or was left open… Much like the smell of natural gas from a pilot light is used to alert a consumer to a problem…