Pride Points

We agree that nothing is better than FREE Solvents!
Pride Points is built to help you get bottles for FREE.
Every time you make a purchase, you will earn a 5 points for every dollar spent…
Pride Points add up Fast!

Check out the details below:


There are several ways to earn Pride points….

  • 200 Pride points for your first order
  • 5 Pride points / Dollar Spent on EVERY order
  • 200 Pride points for each great reviews
  • Fan Club earnings… ( refer your friends )
    • 200 Pride points for each friend
    • 5 Pride points for every dollar your friends spend.

We always say that if you watch your pennies, the dollars take care of themselves….
Around here its the same idea with the Pride Points for loyalty,
keeping collecting points and work toward a free bottle….


Points are redeemed at 1 cent / Point, so 400 points = $4.00 discount.
( Pride Points have no cash value, technically they are a coupon )

FAQ – Free-quently asked questions.

Do I need to sign up?

No, after your first purchase is shipped your Pride Points will be awarded. So the first, and every time you purchase you will earn more Pride points.

Do points expire?

Pride Points need to be used within 1 year of earning them.

How are Pride Point redeemed?

When checking out, you’ll be offered to use your points:
“Use 1500 Pride points for a $15 discount on this order”
Just click the “APPLY DISCOUNT”