Quick fund raising opportunity??

Tired of beer bust fundraisers? (ok who has had an in person fund raising event since 2019 anyway?)
Poppers.GAY offers a fund raising opportunity that is better than Go Fund Me, kickstart your fund raising into a Rush return.

Sell a high demand, simple product that sells it self, and is needed by many of our brothers.
Poppers.. Head Cleaners, Tape Cleaner , fingernail polish they go by many names.

QUICK Popper Fundraising

$18 In Person

A QUICK Pak  $499 investment can turn into $1,000.00! — 100% return!
That is a 100% (ROI) return on investment by selling 56 bottles of premium poppers for $18 per bottle via your social network, club, rugby team or any social group..  Choose from Amsterdam, English White Label, Jungle Juice Platinum and now Mutiny!

Sell poppers at your events, or promote them via social media, and deliver them to your donors.

18% Shared

The 18% breaks into 10% donor discount & 8% donation to your cause.
On top of in person sales, your group continues to collect donations with an 18% share for online sales connected to your program.
Use the 18% split for customers who would like to choose a 30ml, or any of our 48 brands including Jungle Juice, Double Scorpio and sprays.

Typically 25% of your donors will order online, and multiple times a year.   Meaning every Quick Pak can lead to another $200 in affiliate donations.    Leading to an overall return on investment of 140% or more.

Your donor’s 10% discount is fund matched with another 8% donated to your group*

*apply to your next QUICK Pak, Rush Return or Max impact investment.

Start Online, then in person

Many groups are starting with the 18% share, using your group’s coupon code to share with friends, and members of the group. In many cases earning enough to purchase the Quick Pak to move from earning 8% to a 100% return on investment.

To get started contact us!  We will get you a coupon code to start earning today!