Good evening my friends and loyal followers as well as those of you who have just happened upon my site, it’s Xavier Zuniga, Warehouse Manager and popper reviewer at Poppers4U back again. Welcome to all and let’s get down to the latest results from the Poppers4U Testing Center where we make stains routinely so that we can test the best.  Testing often results in new stains but that’s what keeps the Testing Center rolling and volunteers clamoring to come back!

I decided to test drive two of our popular brands to see what the hype was about.  I chose Brazil Potion #9 and Brown Bottle Extra Strong and I was not disappointed.  Not only was each great in its own unique way, but they actually paired together quite well.

Brazil Potion #9 starts off with a low odor so if you don’t like a strong smell, Brazil Potion #9 might be a solvent cleaner that you want to further investigate.  I, Xavier Zuniga, Warehouse Manager and your intrepid guide to all things popper-related, would say that Brazil Potion #9 is a largely mild cleaner that still packs a satisfying punch in terms of relaxing and lifting stains.

Brazil Potion #9

This is a good choice if you are a newer user or if you are looking for something that works well to get things going, or for when you are partying all by yourself and you don’t need quite the same strength.  That said, I’ve seen how some of you party on your own and, geez, you might need the whole house!  LOL! Seriously though, Brazil Potion #9 started my evening off just fine and I would use it again for that same purpose.

Brown Bottle Extra Strong starts out with a mild, but at least to your valiant and intrepid Warehouse Manager and popper expert, Xavier Zuniga, almost pleasant aroma.  Maybe it is an acquired taste but I really think I could use the language of fine wines to describe our poppers.

Brown Bottle Extra Strong

Brown Bottle extra strong was mild on the nose but hits the mark with a surprise burst in about 5 seconds or less.  I found the effect to be exhilarating but not overwhelming.  It was a gentle ride straight up and a smooth let down over a period of minutes.  You don’t need a lot of Brown Bottle Extra Strong to get the job done, and believe me, I was doing one hell of a job that just about had me off the edge.  Just ask my, shall I say lucky, volunteer.  I rate Brown Bottle Extra Strong as appropriate for medium to experienced users of our solvent cleaners and I would recommend it for when the cleaning action is both at its hottest and for when you are ready to wrap up the job and chill in the hot tub, or, something like that.

That’s it for now boys and girls, and those in between, so until next time this is Xavier Zuniga signing off and hoping you all keep it popping!